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If you are fan of electronics, if you are wild about new technology and funny things, you will like us.

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You are a good designer. Your great taste and sensitive smell always lead you to the most modern ideas. 

You need someone to help you bring your inspiration and creativity into reality.

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You are a skilled engineer. People call you geek and you are pround of it. 

You need a place to play around and find something useful for your projects.

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You are a successful studio. You work with a lot of electronics devices. 

You need a partner to provide you with useful and reliable equipment at reasonable cost.


Electronic Webstore

We sourced fascinating electronic items all around the world and show them all in our webstore. You will find interesting products to be used directly as well as useful components to help you finish your own projects.

Check our webstore and see what is new today! 

Projects on cloud

We run our own projects on cloud. You will see what we are doing and share your ideas about our new projects. We also provide services to help you bring your ideas into real products. Designing, engineering, manufacturing and stocking, everything you need can be found here.  

Look for more information by contacting us via email or online chat. 

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2bulbs is founded by a pair of great friends who come from different countries, speak different languages, at quite different ages, grow up under different cultures and educations. But we have one thing in common - The natural enthusiasm in electronics.

Thanks to our differences, collision and distillation keep bringing us great ideas, and the passion drives us to bring them into reality.  Now more and more people joined us along with the same hobby and professional skills. 

2bulbs knows that there must be a lot of people same like us around the world. We are willing to provide cutting-edge information of electronics to those and help them to be part of it.